Duration: from 2hs

WINTER SEASON (from 01/07/19 to 30/09/19) – 10AM / 3PM

SUMMER SEASON (from 01/10/19 to 30/04/20) – 09:30AM / 4:30PM

Available all the year.
Regular excursion

Note: on some occasions you may observe whale specimens. 

Eventually the schedule could change. Please contact us to reconfirm. 


Full description:

We set sail from the local tourist dock crossing the wide Ushuaia Bay until reaching the Beagle Channel through Paso Chico.

There we will sail around the Isla de los Pájaros where we can appreciate the birds of Tierra del Fuego. We will observe: Skuas, Black-browed Albatrosses, Steam Ducks, Cauquenes, Cook Seagulls and Gray Seagulls. Then, we will approach the Isla de los Lobos where we can observe sea lions of one and two hairs. Both belong to the Bridges Islands.

Arriving at the Lighthouse Les Eclaireurs (The Illuminators), we can see the colonies of Imperial Cormorants and Rocky Cormorants while we listen to the history of the collapse of the SS Monte Cervantes that he starred in 1930.

This navigation has included a descent in Puerto Karelo, belonging to the Bridges Islands, where you can visit authentic Yamanas concheros. This guided walk takes approximately 20 minutes and concentrates us in a panoramic point where you can get very good pictures.

Finishing the journey You will be amazed by the view of the mountain range that surrounds the city of Ushuaia and its sumptuous nature that surrounds it. The route we take is full of historical value and, of course, landscaping. We visited really interesting places that you should not miss the opportunity to meet. All this and more, you can find it sailing with Canoero Catamarans through the Beagle Channel.