This excursion is not being done for the moment


Duration: 8 and ½ hours, approximately.
Departures: 09:00AM
Available during high season (October to April)
Regular excursion

Include Estancia Harberton ticket (entrance) and port fee.


We set sail from the local tourist dock crossing the wide Ushuaia Bay until reaching the Beagle Channel through Paso Chico.

There we sail around the Isla de los Pájaros where we will appreciate the fuegian avifauna observing Skuas, Black-browed Albatross, Steam Ducks, Cauquenes, Cook Seagulls and Gray Seagulls; and of the Isla de los Lobos where we can observe sea lions with one and two hairs. Both islands belong to the Bridges archipelago.

When arriving at the Lighthouse Les Eclaireurs (The Illuminators), we will be able to appreciate the colonies of Imperial Cormorants and Rocky Cormorants; and also listen to the story of the collapse of the SS Monte Cervantes, which he starred in in 1930.

Continuing, we will navigate towards the East enjoying the wonderful landscapes of the canal and the mountains that surround it, there we will see on the Puerto Almanza Argentina coast and on the Chilean coast the Puerto Williams Naval Base, and then we will arrive at Matillo Island where we will have the opportunity to see a colony of Magellanic Penguins and some examples of Papua penguins.

Then we head to Harberton Ranch where we will disembark. There they will stay around 2hs, and they will be able to make a tour through the center of the ranch where they will visit the first natural reserve of Tierra del Fuego, the shearing shed, the carpentry, the boat house and, finally, the garden of the main house , then you can taste something in the Manacatush tea house (not included) or visit the Acatushún Austral Marine Mammal and Bird Museum. At the end we will board the buses of the company to make the direct transfer by land to the tourist pier.


For operational and/or meteorological issues, the return to the city could be by sea.

 Note: at the beginning and at the end of the season you could see fewer penguin specimens.

Eventually the schedule could change. Please contact us to reconfirm.